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Breast cancer is not just a health issue that needs timely and effective treatment. It is traumatic, life-changing and often leads to an identity crisis. A trusted friend, a confidante and empathetic support and timely guidance can help, not just to cope well and recover but to reinvent oneself and redefine womanhood. Rahat extends its warm embrace to the affected women, their near and dear and also to those at risk.

Rahat community is a support system that nurtures, educates, prepares and handholds women affected by Breast Cancer through the period of treatment to the stage of personal transformation and empowerment. From mentoring by those who already undertook this journey to the caregivers, we connect you with the right source of support.

We also provide guidance to their near and dear who are impacted – to help them better understand the patient’s needs and enable them to provide the best possible care to the affected family member or friend.

Be part of a community that stands together, celebrates triumphs, and lifts each other up during challenges.

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